Why Choose Mindshare

Why Choose Mindshare?

We are not an ‘off the shelf’ solution company. Our service is designed uniquely for you.
We take the time to understand your business challenges and work in partnership to help you find solutions that release the potential of your key staff.

We aim to help you:

  • Develop the skills and confidence to be entirely self-reliant once the project is over (we aim to work ourselves out of the job)
  • Work towards solutions that impact the bottom line i.e. ensure that the strategies, behaviours and relationships change in a way that positively affect the key areas of your business.

Our experience is with senior level employees in the broad SME sectors in the UK and Ireland. We work with:

  • Boards and Leadership teams who have identified a need to change. For example leadership or senior teams who know they could work better together, but need help to do so. 
  • Boards and Leadership teams who need to make changes in the company. These could be teams who know they have some tough decisions to make and need help to put the wheels in motion and follow through. 
  • Individual leaders or senior employees. For example these could be leaders or senior employees who know that the way they have worked in the past may not be as effective for the future, and want help putting together a personal development plan. 
  • Aspiring leaders about to take on new responsibilities. For example talented individuals in a succession plan about to make their first significant career move within an organisation. 

We work on a wide range of topics and can bespoke the solution to suit just about any needs. The types of recent projects we’ve been involved in include:

  • Executive level coaching with Directors and Board members
  • Working with Boards to define strategy and define goals
  • Improving team effectiveness processes such as managing the meetings process