About Mindshare


An economics graduate from Queens University Belfast, Gerry also holds postgraduate qualifications in Education and Business Management.


Lloyds HBOS
Brian Crane, Senior Executive

Gerry was extremely effective and to put it simply, the coaching he provided has had a profound transformational impact on my life.


Giles Bradley, Senior Executive

I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and found them directly relevant to how I could become a more impactful leader.....Also, during the course of our sessions I was delighted to be promoted, so I found many of the issues and leadership challenges we discussed took on an increased relevance as I moved into a new phase of my career.


Lagan Cement Products Ltd
Jude Lagan, Managing Director

Gerry combines his knowledge of emotional intelligence and executive coaching with his extensive business experience to provide coaches and those he comes in contact with, practical solutions that have impacted directly on their day to day effectiveness and delivery potential.


Lagan Group
Michael Lagan, Managing Director/Owner

Gerry’s style is supportive but challenging, adding real value to those he has come into contact with. He is a first class coach and mentor who combines the theory of personal and leadership development with the undoubted experience he has accumulated through his own business.

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