Team Effectiveness

All business is essentially team based and understanding what makes a high performing team is a first step to creating one.

I’ve had the privilege of working with many types of teams, from sales teams to Boards, helping them develop to be the best they can be. I use the Lencioni model of ‘functional teams’ as a benchmark, then work with you to develop team effectiveness strategies that will help your people give their best.

Gerry helped considerably how my team and I led the business through some difficult restructuring while continuing to retain market share and maintain excellent profitability. His facilitation of our off-site meetings ensured we grew as a team and allowed us to develop and implement some key business strategies. These have been significant in terms of awareness, communications, branding and values. This has given us considerable confidence.”

John Curran, General Manager, Healey Brothers, Cork.


  • Enhanced teamwork
  • More effective teamwork directed towards solving business issues
  • Greater trust in each other's skills and abilities
  • Greater flow of information
  • Conflict is worked through more effectively
  • Greater co-operation
  • Better alignment of team performance with company goals
  • Improved team results