overlayPersonal Mentoring

Personal Mentoring

Mentoring is widely used to provide a sounding board for managers, leaders and directors as they take on new roles, responsibilities and challenges.

They say that a coach ‘draws out’ and that a mentor ‘puts in’. My preferred way to work is to use a combination of both. A mentoring relationship is particularly useful in challenging market conditions, where being the 'boss' can be a lonely place.

“I have found Gerry extremely useful as a personal mentor and an excellent sounding board for discussing personal development as well as providing ideas in the key areas of sales and marketing where he has extensive experience. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his business.”

Jude Lagan, Managing Director, Lagan cement Products Ltd.

We provide independent mentoring services for senior level staff already in position or for those taking on new responsibilities. This can be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of the individual.


For those new to a role or with new responsibilities, the benefits of mentoring are:

  • Accelerates the ‘settling in’ to the role 
  • Increases confidence and competence
  • Improves the chances of making a valued impact quickly 

For those using mentoring as a professional sounding board, the benefits are:

  • It brings a different perspective to your business challenges
  • Provides independent and objective support during challenging periods of business