overlayPerformance Coaching

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is similar to executive coaching but more often is used to help individuals identify and overcome limiting behaviours or beliefs that may get in the way of achieving performance goals.

Remaining objective but challenging, I will work with you to help you identify what may be holding you back and to help you maximise your strengths.

Case study

The client wanted to improve his overall effectiveness and achieve better work-life balance. The solution was an executive level performance coaching programme designed to identify and challenge his assumptions and limiting beliefs.

“Gerry gave very useful feedback and observations but his real skill as a coach was drawing out insights from me and getting me to honestly evaluate myself and my behaviour. Overall the coaching I received is one of the most effective personal development programmes I have been through. It feels as though I have been on a journey and have come out at the end with far greater understanding and knowledge of myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and my preferences.

As a consequence I have become more objective and have reached a higher level of emotional control. This has enabled me to achieve a better work-life balance which in turn has ultimately led to me becoming more effective in my role.”

Brian Crane, Senior Executive, Lloyds HSBOS

We design performance coaching programmes to meet the needs of senior level staff.


  • Helps individuals understand how they can increase their influence and improve business relationships
  • Removes barriers to performance and impacts directly on the delivery of business goals
  • Builds awareness 
  • Improves management skills 
  • Enhances personal performance 
  • Enhances learning