I often work with other professional development consultancies especially when the needs of a client require expertise that may not be available through Mindshare NI’s own services, or the scale of the project demands it.

Typically I’ll work in partnership with complementary companies or skilled individuals, employing them as part of a coordinated Mindshare NI team or working on their behalf as one of their Associates.

I’ve worked in this capacity with the following companies and am pleased to continue doing so.

  • Mast Ireland
  • Third Level International
  • Virtus Consultancy

I work with companies who hold the same values and operate to the same professional standards.

“I have had the opportunity and honour of working with Gerry Moore on transformation projects large and small. Gerry has a grace and a style with people in all walks of life and at all corporate levels that allows them to feel open, trusting and able to learn.
He is an excellent coach – drawing on his life experiences, acumen and training, and his innate emotional intelligence – to help his clients identify and execute strategies for profound personal and business change”

Steve Garber, CEO, Third Level