Leadership Development

At Mindshare NI we believe that great leadership means great ‘followership’.

Yes it is about vision, strategy and understanding of the market, but it is also about demonstrating the correct behaviours. With the right behaviours people will believe in you and will follow you in the direction you want to take them – this is followership.

However, leadership is a distinctly personal skill – no two leaders are the same. At Mindshare NI we can help you develop more of the right leadership behaviours in your business. We’ll do this by designing a bespoke leadership development programme that combines learning and personal development to ensure that it delivers the goals and objectives that your business needs.

We work independently and with partners, depending on the nature and scale of the need.


  • More of the right type of leaders
  • Key people developed in the right way for your business
  • Contribution to succession planning
  • Better problem solving 
  • Improved relationship skills