overlayExecutive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Coaching for individuals is an increasingly popular and effective way of developing and releasing talent within organisations. Confidential and unique to the individual’s needs, its broad aim is to build self- awareness and enhance personal effectiveness.

I put the emphasis of my work on supporting senior managers and leaders to develop new behaviours that build trust and engagement in key business relationships. We’ll work together to get you the results that YOU want.

Case study

The client wanted to understand his impact as a leader and to be able to modify his leadership style to suit the needs of his team and clients. The solution was a bespoked programme of one-to-one executive coaching with a focus on developing emotional intelligence.

“Gerry was able to add real value not only to my professional life, but also beyond it to my personal life. Much of our sessions' value derived from his open and engaging style which helped me to open up more than I would typically. The sessions were all the more impactful because they enabled me to discover solutions for myself which I could put into practice on a day-to-day basis. He helped me to understand my impact as a leader on the people within my teams and my clients, and he encouraged me to show more of the 'real me' to my teams and colleagues.”

Giles Brady, Senior Executive, Accenture

We design bespoke executive coaching programmes for all levels of senior employee.


  • Developing and retaining key individuals
  • Increasing productivity and therefore contributing to the bottom line
  • Improved relationships amongst team members 
  • Contribution to effective succession planning
  • Enhanced leadership effectiveness