Crucial Conversations

In the world of business the ability to have a crucial and sometimes difficult conversation whilst maintaining an important relationship, is vital. Some of us are born with this skill, others struggle with it.

The good news is that the skill of the ‘crucial conversation’ can be learned. Once learned it can help address many business challenges such as performance issues and problem solving.

At Mindshare NI we can help you have these conversations using proven tools and techniques. We can help you ensure that more crucial conversations take place and that they happen at the right time. With the correct communication skills training, we can considerably increase the ability of your key staff to do this effectively and competently.


  • Less conflict
  • More 'win win' solutions
  • Issues addressed faster and more effectively
  • Enhanced problem solving
  • Less stress
  • Improved learning by key individuals
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability to change
We can include this skill within the design of a bespoked training or coaching programme depending on your needs.