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  • About Mindshare NI

By the time I hit the big five-o I knew I’d had a good run in my career and it was time to step out of the corporate machine. Businesses across Ireland have always had their unique challenges and I felt there was an exciting opportunity to help the leadership teams of these companies excel at what they do. So in 2004 I set up Mindshare NI, a coaching and leadership development consultancy based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

  • What makes you different?

I’ve worked with many great leaders and continue to do so; but what I bring to the table is the personal. I’m a big believer in the impact of emotional intelligence and I’ve seen for myself how developing this ability can transform leaders and ultimately businesses.

I’m an EQi accredited practitioner which means I can offer clients the opportunity to benchmark and then develop this ability as part of their leadership skills. This can be very personally rewarding for people.  

  • What or who inspires you?

I’m inspired by great sports people and great sports teams. Outstanding sports performance is always about the combination of leadership and team effectiveness which is what I’m trying to help leadership teams achieve through my work. 

I’m a fan of Daniel Goleman, the writer who popularised the EQ concept, and also Charles Handy, whom I believe is one of the greatest business visionaries of our time.

On a contemplative side, the calm cool waters of Lough Mask in County Mayo, which offer up the occasional brown trout, can also be inspiring!

  • What motivates you?

Coming from a sales background it’s probably no surprise that results motivate me. Performance motivates me and great leaders motivate me. I want to know their secrets and to share this with others.   

  • How has owning your own business changed your life?

Setting up Mindshare NI has allowed me to give the help and support I believe the SME sector in Ireland needs, whilst having the excitement of being my own CEO! I always feel privileged to work with others. Not a day goes by without learning something new.